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V M created an issue

i have got a question about the CarpetRegrid2 process of regridding when supplying the thorn with information from puncture tracker...

in a recent simulation of BH+torus system i did, the BH was moving significantly further than the movement_threshold i supplied in the par file, but Carpet never seems to me that the new center is set at a frequency of regrid_every, but shouldn't it be reset only when the center has moved further than the movement_threshold parameter? as it seems to me at the moment, i would have to know the movement of the BH a priori in order to chose a sensible regridding frequency, because if the BH moves too little between regrid_every, it will eventually move out of the finest refinement level.. furthermore, the regridding frequency might change during the run because the BH is actually accelerating...

i am doing something wrong here or setting false parameters?

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