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Issue #135 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I have a case where GetComponents hangs reliably when I try to update my Formaline repository. When I run "svn update" manually, it shows that there are conflicts, and waits for user input. GetComponents doesn't show this interaction and thus hangs indefinitely.


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  1. Erik Schnetter reporter

    I increase the priority of this to "critical", because this problem means I cannot use GetComponents -- I have to watch the progress, abort if it stalls for a few minutes, run "svn update" manually, and then continue.

  2. Eric Seidel
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    How about we just add the "--non-interactive" flag to "svn update" calls? That should prevent it from stalling, and I imagine also produce an error that GetComponents will catch. I would suggest adding the flag to all svn calls, but I think that would cause even more issues with the server certificates...

  3. Eric Seidel
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    I have added the "--non-interactive" flag, but I'm not closing the ticket yet. I would like to do some nice parsing of the output so I can inform you that there was a conflict, not just an error, but that will require some reworking of the run_command subroutine. In the meantime, GetComponents should no longer stall on your updates and indicate that there was an issue in updating the conflicted component.

  4. Eric Seidel
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    GetComponents will now warn you if an svn component had conflicts during the update. It will treat it as an error, and should exit with a non-zero status in case you are scripting GetComponents.

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