Carpet commit bc08df4 break tests

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Issue #1443 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

It initializes Carpet::timelevels with Carpet::maxtimelevels before the later has been set. The attached patch moves the initialization of timelevels after maxtimelevels. Not really pretty though since it moves it away from where timelevel is initialized.

Somewhat related: shouldn't Jenkins send out email to the Users list if the tests fail? They do indeed fail but with the "no files were created" error ( Maybe that is the reason why no email are send or error detected?


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    There was a problem in my Jenkins test script. As of a few weeks ago, it parses the output files and puts the error message in the XML file so you can see it easily on the test results page (e.g. However, it did not quote the error message for use as an XML attribute, and this was breaking the test results parser. As a result, Jenkins had no knowledge of the tests, and thought that they didn't run. I added the quoting, and the test system now correctly reports all the failures. Unfortunately there was a few hours lag between Erik's commit, my fixing the test system and Erik fixing the code, as this happened in the evening here.

    To avoid duplicated effort in future, maybe it should be standard procedure to notify the users list that one is looking at a particular test failure.

    The Jenkins emails do not go to the users list, they go to the test list. Recently, there have been very few test failures, so the volume has been low. If it remains this way for a while, we might consider sending the messages to the users list instead. I'm wary of this though, because it is an automated process, and the users list has a large number of members.

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