main timer has value 0 in timer tree XML output

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Issue #1454 new
Ian Hinder created an issue

The "main" timer is reported with value 0 in the timer tree XML output:

<timer name = "main"> 0 
  <timer name = "CarpetStartup"> 0.239015 
    <timer name = "AllocateGridHierarchy"> 0.030772 </timer>
    <timer name = "CarpetLib::dh::recompose"> 8.8e-05 </timer>
    <timer name = "CarpetLib::dh::regrid"> 0.000339 </timer>
    <timer name = "CarpetLib::gh::regrid"> 0.183402 

I don't know if the timer itself is zero, or if the XML output treats "main" specially.


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