Dissipation test cases get stuck on Bethe

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Issue #1464 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I was running the Dissipation test cases on Bethe, and found that they got stuck on Bethe. That is, they kept running for many hours, and I had to kill them manually. This is for test_ah.par and test_ob.par, when running on 1 process.

The last output I see is:

INFO (IDAxiBrillBH): Calling axisymmetric solver
 cyc= 2 max(res)=0.00E+00
 tolerance condition tol=1.00E-08 satisfied
INFO (IDAxiBrillBH): Solve complete
 rmax =   2.211409083630045E-009
 axibheps =   1.000000000000000E-008
 psi2d =    1.00000000000000        -0.130757983129253
 Resulting eps =  1.243881126811175E-005
INFO (IDAxiBrillBH): interpolating solution to xyz grid points
INFO (IDAxiBrillBH): converting to physical metric
INFO (IDAxiBrillBH): computing ADM mass
 ADM mass:    1.92127863511242

When running on 2 processes, the test case QuasiLocalMeasures/qlm-bl.par got stuck in a similar manner. The last output is

INFO (QuasiLocalMeasures): Initialising Quasi-Local Measure calculations


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  1. Roland Haas
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    Is this still happening? I just tried this with the current proposed for release code and find no hang when using a 12 OMP threads and 1 process. The tests are in ~rhaas/simulations/?p?t/ and the source tree in ~rhaas/ET_trunk.

    The single modification is my code changes to make the reconstruction work for all intel versions when using curvilinear coordinates.

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    I believe this was caused by a bad interaction with other tests that were running at the same time, and which used too much memory.

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