CarpetIOHDF5 complains about invalid H5Pclose

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Issue #1467 closed
anonymous created an issue

I've recently updated to a newer Carpet and now I'm seeing lots of HDF5 spam about invalid H5Pclose. I've traced the problem to commit 05587a51734724536c183c9929967ecf3c2c0072 (ticket 1146).

It seems to me that HDF5_ERROR (H5Pclose (plist)); added in WriteVarUnchunked in is incorrect, since plist also gets closed right before the function returns. Attached patches fix the problem for me.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    Both patches look fine to me, but I would like Erik or Roland to have a look at well. Setting release milestone as we don't want to have warnings like this turn up in a released version, even if it otherwise works.

  2. Roland Haas
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    I can reproduce the problem (happens only when out_unchunked is set or out_mode is "onefile") and verify that the patches fix it. Both patches are fine. Thank you for reporting (and fixing this). This was a very nice bug report. Will apply.

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