Tests using Exact fail with Intel compiler versions > 11

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Issue #1479 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

The Intel compiler 12.1 and later versions seems to be slightly less accurate than Intel 11 by default, and produces roundoff-level differences which are amplified by Exact. The affected tests are:

>>> Exact.KS-tilted/1procs
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr/1procs 
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-rotating-180/1procs 
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-rotating-180-staggered/1procs  
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-staggered/1procs 
>>> RotatingSymmetry90.Kerr-rotating-90/1procs
>>> RotatingSymmetry90.Kerr-rotating-90-staggered/1procs

>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr/2procs 
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-rotating-180/2procs 
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-rotating-180-staggered/2procs  
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.Kerr-staggered/2procs   
>>> RotatingSymmetry180.KerrSchild-rotating-180/2procs  
>>> RotatingSymmetry90.Kerr-rotating-90/2procs  
>>> RotatingSymmetry90.Kerr-rotating-90-staggered/2procs    
>>> RotatingSymmetry90.KerrSchild-rotating-90/2procs

These should be replaced by EinsteinExact tests where possible. Peter is working on this.


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  1. Ian Hinder reporter
    • removed comment

    The new EinsteinExact tests have been implemented and committed, and they all pass on Datura (Intel 11), Stampede (Intel 13) and build (gcc). OK to remove the corresponding Exact tests?

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