use HDF5 1.8 features in CarpetIOHDF5, hdf5 utilities

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Roland Haas created an issue

version 1.8 offers new features that can make creating and accessing files with many datasets much faster. To use it one has to set the H5Pset_libver_bounds(fapl_id, H5F_LIBVER_LATEST, H5F_LIBVER_LATEST) properly to the file access property list used to create the dataset (version of HDF5 >= 1.8.5 also offer a H5F_LIBVER_18).

This is a one line change that can be very beneficial. Unfortunately versions of hdf5 < 1.8.0 (ie 1.6) cannot read these files. Currently I think QueenBee is the last production machine that uses this old version of HDF5. Since it will be retired soon apparently, I would like to suggest that we switch to the newer HDF5 vesion at that time.

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    We have control over the HDF5 version via Simfactory's option lists. We can either build HDF5 with Cactus, or build a new enough version of HDF5 ourselves and point to it. There is no need to wait for Queen Bee.

    Do you have a pointer to more information about this property?

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