Wrong code in Piraha.hpp

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Issue #1536 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Piraha.hpp contains in lines 171 ff the code

    const char c;
    Literal(char b) : c(b) {}
    bool match(Matcher *m);
    std::string fmt() {
        std::string s = "literal(";
        s += c+")";
        return s;

In this code, the expression c+")" adds a character to a pointer, in effect adding to the pointer. This does not append to the string s, as was intended.

There seem to be several similar cases in other locations as well.


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  1. Steven R. Brandt
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    This appears to be a routine designed to aid with debugging, and is apparently not being called right now. Where else do you see the problem?

  2. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    I saw this error many times. Upon closer inspection it seems that this is caused by the same code in a header file.

  3. Steven R. Brandt
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    The error you identify is inside a fmt() method, and grep shows that's not being called.

    Can you give me a par file which produces the error?

  4. Steven R. Brandt
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    Clang identified two problems. One was the formatting of debug code which wasn't being called. Because the relevant code was in a header, it showed up multiple times during compilation.

    The second problem was a stray call to abort.

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