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Issue #1543 closed
Barry Wardell created an issue

Often the hwloc libraries are installed in /usr/lib64. However, several places in the configure script assumes it is installed in $HWLOC_DIR/lib. I suggest applying the attached patch to correct this.

Additionally, the script assumes $HWLOC_DIR/lib/libhwloc.la exists. This causes grep to print a confusing error if it does not exist. The second patch causes grep to only run if this file exists.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    Patch 1 is fine.

    For patch 2, I suggest redirecting grep's stderr to /dev/null instead: grep -q ... 2>/dev/null.

  2. Barry Wardell reporter
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    Attached is an updated version of the second patch with your suggestion. I don't think I have commit access to hwloc, so I will have to leave it to someone else to commit the patches.

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