LoopControl commit e0ddb732 contains Fortran 2003 code

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Roland Haas created an issue

commit e0ddb732 "LoopControl: Rewrite" from Wed Jan 16 14:46:17 2013 -0500 introduces Fortran 2003 features (namely bind(C) in loopcontrol_types.F90.

This fails to compile with gfortran 4.1.2 (the default gfortran on RH 5 machines, which are still around). David Radice stumbled oppon this.

We had 2003 code in Carpet before, in ticket #670. At that point we modified the code to compile with gfortran 4.1.2 and removed the advanced features. Since gfortran 4.1.2 is by now 4 years old and none of our production option lists show the problem, I think we are finally ready to use some F2003 features in the code.

We should then document this in the release notes, either for Cactus if we want to make this choice system wide or only for the ET/Carpet if we want to support running eg PUGH with only F90 around. We already require C99 in the Cactus flesh.

Possibly we should take this discussion to cactus-devel.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    gfortran 4.1.2 was released in 2007, which makes it seven years old (not four).

    This version has many other problems as well, and most likely can't compile the Einstein Toolkit anyway. gfortran 4.2 was the first version that was actually usable, and gfortran 4.4 is the first "good" version. I recommend we document that gfortran 4.1 is not supported by Cactus.

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