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Issue #1557 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

the thorn TestMoL (for the CactusTest arrangment) exercises most of MoL's integrators (not the Adams-Bashforth ones yet nor the generic one since they are "different").

It would be useful to include in the ET to have a basic test of the central ODE solver.

The thorn is currently in incoming

svn co

it contains test cases (that's the whole point) and some documentation. I have used it to test the recent MoL commits and found two outstanding bugs that way.

Keyword: MoL

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    This thorn looks good.

    Typo: file src/Register.c: "chaning".

    cctk_Functions.h is only necessary in Fortran (where it declares a macro DECLARE_CCTK_FUNCTIONS); it is not necessary in C/C++ (since this macro is not needed).

    cctk_Loop.h is automatically included from cctk.h.

    The return codes in Register.c are not checked?

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    • Fixed typos in Register.c
    • removed unnecessary includes
    • removed cctk_Functions.h. It is automatically included by cctk_core.h and provides the aliased function prototypes. Is there a reason why this not also done for Fortran?
    • added assert's on the return values. They will never trigger since MoL itself contains level 0 warnings whenever it would not return 0 (this is documented in MoL's documentation.tex).

    Frank: would you mind creating a repository for the thorn in CactusTests? Alternatively, we can wait until the gid transition and add it at that point.

  3. Ian Hinder
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    Please let Barry and me know when the repository has been moved to so that we can create the git mirror and add it to the EinsteinToolkit git super-repository, before it is added to the thornlist. Otherwise, when it is added to the thornlist, the build and test will start to fail, as the thorn will not be present. We would automate this, but with the impending move to Git, we didn't think it was worthwhile.

  4. Roland Haas reporter
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    Added the current code for TestMoL to the repository. Ian, Barry: if you were to add it to the git super-repo and to the thornlist then we can close the ticket.

  5. Barry Wardell
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    I have created the git mirror and added it to the super-repo. I don't currently have commit access to the ET manifest repository, so could someone either give me commit access or add TestMoL to the thornlist themselves?

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