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Bruno Mundim created an issue


I have noticed a few changes in the thornlist from Noether release to current development on trunk. I just would like to confirm that the following thorns were supposed to go (r268):

CactusArchive/ADM EinsteinEvolve/LegoExcision

On top of that I noticed that on r269 some thorns were added to be downloaded only but not compiled, however they are still commented out in the thornlist. For example:

!CHECKOUT = CactusElliptic/EllPETSc ... #CactusElliptic/EllPETSc

Wouldn't be better to clean this up before the release?

Thanks, Bruno.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    EllPETSc is disabled by default since it requires PETSc, which is disabled by default. The general consensus seems to be that few people use PETSc, and it is a large package, thus not including it by default is more convenient to many.

    The way EllPETSc is defined is right: It is downloaded unconditionally, but is by default not built.

  2. Frank Löffler
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    And also: yes, ADM and LegoExcision are supposed to be gone. There were some emails about that on the users mailing list, but you seem to be surprised: Do you use any of these?

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