Check and abort if more timelevels are requested than time hierarchy supports

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Issue #1636 open
Roland Haas created an issue

In order to provide a more user friendly fix for #626 we want to change Carpet (and PUGH?) such that they check at runtime, when memory is allocated that the number of requested timelevels is less or equal than what the time hierarchy (controlled by the max_timelevels) parameter supports.

This check should be done early and should take the checkpoint tag as well as prolongation operator tags into account.


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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    This will conflict with 599fdd84 "Cactus: add support for an unlimited number of timelevels" of cactus.

    Carpet already effectively contains such a limit in that it will fail during regrid if more time levels exist compared to what it is stored its time hierarchy.

    Carpet assuming that timelevels exist only for its benefit and thus having final say on how many may exist is something to decide as well. In practical terms, Carpet needs to able to recompose these past timelevels after a regrid which requires that it knows there time so that time interpolation is possible.

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