thorn MPI parses library names wrong if they contain dash

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Issue #1652 closed
Frank Löffler created an issue

mpicc --showme returns on my system:

gcc -I/usr/lib/openmpi/include -I/usr/lib/openmpi/include/openmpi -pthread -L/usr/lib/openmpi/lib -lmpi -lopen-rte -lopen-pal -ldl -Wl,--export-dynamic -lnsl -lutil -lm -ldl

which MPI parses to be

MPI_LIBS     = mpi open open dl nsl util m dl

(note the missing part after the "open" in two libraries...


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  1. Steven R. Brandt
    • changed status to resolved
    • removed comment

    A single character of code was changed. Changed pattern from \w to \S in order to allow matching of dashes.

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