Add option to remove a submit script from a configuration

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Issue #166 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Since a submit script is optional for a configuration, there needs to be an option to remove a submit script from a configuration. Either --submitscript= (no script given) or --no-submitscript would be good ways to do this.

I just checked, and --submitscript= does nothing -- this is not good; it should probably lead to an error.


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  1. anonymous
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    I have extended python's optparse library to include a new type called 'nonnull'. In the options/*.ini files, if you set the argtype to be nonnull it will give an error now if you specify an option like --submitscript=<blank>

    here's the example output below:

    varia:simfactory mike$ bin/sim build --submitscript= Usage: [args] command

    Available Commands: print-mdb print parsable mdb sync sync cactus sourcetree to a remote machine submit submit a simulation archive archive a simulation or an individual restart list-configurations list simfactory cactus configurations print-mdb-entry list information about a single machine create create a simulation create-run create and run a simulation cleanup clean up a simulation create-submit create and submit a simulation build build cactus either locally or remotely list-archived-simulations list archived simulations checkout checkout thorns using GetComponents list-simulations list simfactory cactus simulations run launch a simulation stop stop an active simulation execute execute a command setup-silent silently create a set of reasonable defaults show-output show the output of a simulation list-machines list all the machines in the machine database setup interactively configure simfactory run-debug launch simulation using an interactive debugger purge purge a simulation get-archived-simulation retrieve an archived simulation by simulationid get-output-dir get the output directory for a given simulation/restart login launch an interactive shell on a remote machine whoami what is the name of the machine simfactory is running on interactive initiate an interactive session on a compute node error: option --submitscript: argument cannot be null

    As far as the first part of this bug goes, i'm still working on that. I'll close this bug when i have it completed.

  2. anonymous
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    added new command remove-submitscript that will remove a stored submit script from a configuration.

    Also added the --no-submitscript argument, which will remove a stored submitscript if one exists, and then also skip the code to setup a submitscript for the configuration.

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