ExternalLibraries/HDF5 LIBSZ_DIR points to wrong place

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Issue #1671 open
Bruno Mundim created an issue

By convention the variable LIBSZ_DIR should point to the installation directory of the library sz, however here it points to the location of the library itself. The attached patch fix this usage issue. I volunteer to fix the simfactory optionlists after applying this patch to both development and wheeler releases.

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  1. Frank Löffler
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    I agree with the intention of the patch.

    However, this patch alone would cause problems with library directories not called 'lib', but for instance 'lib64'. I suggest to add a solution like the one used in other ExternalLibraries, e.g. HDF5: to search in both 'lib64', and 'lib' (in that order).

  2. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    There are other issues in that configure.sh file as well. For example if we are building the HDF5 library then we use --with-zlib=${ZLIB_DIR} instead of what is suggested in their website, `--with-zlib=INCDIR,LIBDIR' (http://www.hdfgroup.org/ftp/HDF5/current/src/unpacked/release_docs/INSTALL), and we don't have the option --with-szlib=/Szip_Install_Directory set.

    Also note that ${ZLIB_DIR} is used when building but $LIBZ_DIR when checking if we should link against zlib library.

    To avoid further confusion and trying to stick to the perceived convention, wouldn't be better to rename LIBZ_DIR and LIBSZ_DIR to ZLIB_LIB_DIRS and SZLIB_LIB_DIRS, respectively? and maybe add the ZLIB_INC_DIRS to satisfy the requirement for configuring with `--with-zlib=INCDIR,LIBDIR' option?

  3. Erik Schnetter
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    Is there a particular problem you are trying to address?

    zlib is widely available, and Cactus can even build it. There is no real need to use szip these days.

    I have not encountered a problem when configuring HDF5 with zlib. This would only apply if we build HDF5 ourselves, but try to use an existing, non-standard zlib install. Since zlib is much faster to build than HDF5 this is not an important case in practice.

  4. Bruno Mundim reporter
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    Is there a particular problem you are trying to address?

    yes, preventing human beings like me from making silly mistakes :) I set LIBSZ_DIR to the library installation directory and the compilation aborted complaining it couldn't find the library. I looked at the configure script at HDF5 thorn and realized about the inconsistent notation. Just that. If we fix this notation we could prevent others in the future, including myself again, from making the same silly mistake, misled by this inconsistent notation, when preparing or updating machine option lists.

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