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Issue #1686 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

ExternalLibraries pciutils currently does not compile on OSX (#1658), it hard-codes the compiler to be gcc (#1657), it does not search for a system installed version of itself (those can actually exist on Linux machines, #1669), and mis-behaves in that its VERBOSE setting is the default (ie it outputs all shell commands it executes in

libpciutils was added in ticket #1621 and was not part of the last release so we are not bound be the decprecation policy.

Since only PAPI makes use of it, and PAPI compiles without, I would suggest to comment out libpciutils for the release thornlist.

This is marked "blocker" due to #1658 preventing any ET build on OSX machines.


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  1. Roland Haas reporter
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    Hmm, this was already in brought up in the ET call from 2014-09-29

    * disable pciutils by default right now since we don't know how
    strongly they rely on being compiled with gcc. Currently we have
    compiled them with gcc (on Linux workstations) and intel 13 (on
    Datura). Compilers we would not know what would happen would be eg pgi
    compiler. PAPI does not require it anyway but only optionally uses it.

    so unless there are objections I'll comment it out of the thornlist later today.

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