Time integration of grid arrays with MoL is incorrect when there is more than one component per process

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Issue #1691 open
Ian Hinder created an issue

MoL integrates its variables in local mode (loop over components), and grid arrays are stored per process, so MoL integrates evolved grid arrays multiple times, leading to wrong results, if there is more than one component per process. I believe the best solution is to move integration of grid arrays into a separate function, scheduled in a different mode (MoL_AddArrays), either global or local. However, a quick short-term "fix" is to copy the check that Slab makes that it is running with only a single component per process. Users can then work around the problem by running on more processes, and won't get silent wrong results.


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    Setting priority to major, since this can lead to wrong results if MoL is used to integrate grid arrays, which it claims to be able to do. I have several thorns which do this.

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