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Issue #1703 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

When I try to edit the wiki without first logging in, then upon clicking "Save", I am not presented by the expected Captcha but instead brought back to the edit screen and my changes were not saved.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    Roland: since you seem to have this issue most of the time (and I don't see an issue with the following), I have given you trac admins rights. This should cut down the 'back and forth' :)

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    Let me try and add some spam:

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    Nope, I still get:

    Captcha Error
    Submission rejected as potential spam
    Trac thinks your submission might be Spam. To prove otherwise please provide a response to the following.
  3. anonymous
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  4. Roland Haas reporter
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    Seems to work now. I reactivated the expression based Captchas. They seem to have been sufficient in preventing SPAM and are always readable, compared to image based captchas.

  5. Erik Schnetter

    It seems that people cannot submit bug reports without logging in, and logging in requires a CCT account that is difficult to obtain. I'm raising the severity to "critical", since there is a work-around, namely reporting issues via email.

  6. Frank Löffler
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    The current captchas for trac work, thus the minor priority (see Roland's comment). This is only about the wiki.

  7. Frank Löffler
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    For the Wiki: I could make anonymous changes, as long as the system determined that these are not potential spam. These changes were saved without comment. When the system determined that this could be spam, it told me so, presented me again with the edit page, and tried to get some "human" response, but something there failed: there is no box where I could enter some information shown in a picture I also couldn't see (but these where mentioned in a message).

    So: while this seems to be broken, it only affects the wiki, does not affect all changes, and does not lead to loss of data (since you come back to the edit page, with all of your changes). It is still a bug and should be fixed of course.

  8. Frank Löffler
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    ticket with CCT support was opened, as we do not have direct control of that installation.

  9. Erik Schnetter
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    Priority "minor" means "don't worry about this problem; fix it if you have some spare minutes. If it's never fixed that's fine as well."

  10. Frank Löffler
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    "don't worry about this problem; fix it if you have some spare minutes. If it's never fixed that's fine as well.": That sound's a lot like "optional" to me.

  11. Erik Schnetter
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    "optional" is something that does not need to be done, not even in principle. "minor" means it needs to be done, at least in principle, but in practice it may not get done due to lack of priority. I think the distinction is clear; correcting a bug is by definition never "optional".

  12. Frank Löffler
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    This sounds like splitting hairs to me. The issue is now being worked on anyway.

  13. Ian Hinder
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    "Minor" was defined in to mean "Not important enough to look at before a release". It was my judgment that this ticket (editing the ET wiki as an anonymous user) fell into this category. Please feel free to disagree (I expect these prioritisations to be changed by people who have different opinions or who have thought about it harder), but if you want to change the definition of "minor", please do that on the Tickets wiki page.

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