simfactory option lists using SSL_DIR rather than OPENSSL_DIR

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Issue #1709 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

Some option lists in simfactory specify SSL_DIR rather than OPENSSL_DIR. The affected ones are for Carver, Tesla, Varia, and MacOS option lists.

The should all be changed to OPENSSL_DIR since this is the only variable that the OpenSSL external library looks for. This was tested to work fine on OSX Yosemite using homebrew but I cannot test it on the other machine.

If someone with access to them wants to test, then a simfactory branch is in rhaas/OPENSSL_DIR and a pull request is here:

Unless objections are raised I will commit this change on Monday before the ET call.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    For the machine-specific option lists (Carver and Tesla): Why change it without testing? The current options work. You could instead add a comment. It is more important to have working option lists that nicely looking ones.

  2. Roland Haas reporter
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    True. I have changed the option lists so that there is now only a comment near the lines in question. The fix to osx-yosemite-homebrew-gcc is in git hash 1df170ff0f4095b3ffdb2fc9005aecfb5cc2218e comments for the other affected option lists are in

    bf5fd2b510baf6ecf615e8aef685a39e3c6a0cd6 osx-lion-macports-gcc.cfg
    faadf0b3dc0634440c260024f5105ee1856f4ca9 macos-intel
    f3cc210b5bffb37ee31fc8508f9294cc972b0551 osx-snow-leopard-macports-gcc.cfg
    05f66599d004134c8224c780a1d4f929fbf2f314 Varia
    29a49e534782f27f8cef9d74cfa9a8d0fecaa619 Tesla
    0bdccebc38992dcc3fff6d76642015a87aeb2e61 osx-mountain-lion-macports-gcc.cfg
    c2c76f58aad73e54df2ead6945c3967bb273776e Carver
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