Provide a mechanism for determining why a Cactus simulation stopped running

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Issue #1720 open
Ian Hinder created an issue

I would like to know programatically why a given Cactus simulation has terminated. Was it due to TerminationTrigger running out of walltime, in which case the simulation is not complete? Or was it due to reaching cctk_final_time, in which case it is. Alternatively, if termination is from CCTK_Error, it would be good to get the error message in a file which is easy to parse, so that it can be displayed in tables of simulation statuses. Probably we want to write a termination file, as suggested in #1690, but we would need to define the format for the content. We should brainstorm on what other things we might want in this file. Does Cactus already "know" the reason for a termination, or do we need to extend the flesh for this?


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