New Carpet thorns CarpetTest, TestBBoxSet2, TestTimers2

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Issue #1734 new
Erik Schnetter created an issue

I suggest to add the three existing thorns CarpetTest, TestBBoxSet2, TestTimers2 to the Einstein Toolkit. They contain tests for Carpet.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    We currently have ~14 Carpet test thorns. Each of these thorns contains approximately one source file each. Why not put all such tests into CarpetTest? Is there an advantage to having modularity at the level of thorns? Alternatively, maybe the tests should go into the tested thorn. That is how the regression tests are handled, after all, and it means that if you have the code, you have the tests, and they will be run automatically. Maybe we need to have a discussion about the best way to have unit tests in the ET, since we have no standards for this at the moment. I would propose that unit tests should be in the tested thorn, and there should be a mechanism for running them as part of the regression tests (e.g. by having a parameter to enable each test, and a test parfile which activates this parameter in the thorn/test directory.

    The tests should definitely be added, but I would really prefer that we reduce the large number of test thorns.

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