Assert failure in LoopControl

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Barry Wardell created an issue

Using the latest version LoopControl, I am encountering an assert failure when running on my laptop:

Assertion failed: (not descr->cuAssertion failed: (not descr->cuAssertion failed: (not descr->current_params), function lc_contrrrent_params), function lc_contrrrent_params), function lc_control_init, file /Users/barry/Reseaol_init, file /Users/barry/Reseaol_init, file /Users/barry/Research/Cactus/DGFE-new2/arrangementrch/Cactus/DGFE-new2/arrangementrch/Cactus/DGFE-new2/arrangements/Carpet/LoopControl/src/loopcons/Carpet/LoopControl/src/loopcons/Carpet/LoopControl/src/, line 772.

The problem only triggers when I run with more than one OpenMP thread. With one thread it goes away. This is a single-process test job running on a Mac with OS X 10.10.2 and the osx-yosemite-homebrew-gcc.cfg optionlist from SimFactory.


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