ExternalLibraries: error when building hwloc utility lstopo-no-graphics on ubuntu 14.04

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Issue #1770 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

While building the hwloc utilities the building process stopped with the following error message (on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS):

Copying hwloc-ls from /usr/bin/hwloc-ls to /home/bruno/tmp/zz_et/Cactus/exe/et
Copying hwloc-ps from /usr/bin/hwloc-ps to /home/bruno/tmp/zz_et/Cactus/exe/et
Copying lstopo from /usr/bin/lstopo to /home/bruno/tmp/zz_et/Cactus/exe/et
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/home/bruno/tmp/zz_et/Cactus/exe/et/lstopo-no-graphics', needed by `utils'.  Stop.

A quick fix would be to add the hwloc-nox package which has the lstopo-no-graphics utility there, however it conflicts with hwloc package so we can't have both on a ubuntu system. So we can't then have both lstopo and lstopo-no-graphics in the makefile target. The attached patch opted to drop lstopo-no-graphics.

Keyword: ExternalLibraries
Keyword: hwloc
Keyword: lstopo

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