osx-homebrew.cfg does not work out of the box on Yosemite

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anonymous created an issue

When installing ET anew on Yosemite with the instructions in osx-homebrew.cfg, the build fails because homebrew gets the latest version of gcc (5.1), which is currently not the one then specified in the cactus compilation options (4.9).

This problem was encountered by a student who approached ET for the first time.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Does it work to replace "gcc" with "gcc49" in the "brew install" line? I'm not an expect on homebrew, but it seems like you can select versions in this way.

    $ brew search gcc  
    homebrew/versions/gcc43       homebrew/versions/gcc47       homebrew/versions/llvm-gcc28
    homebrew/versions/gcc44       homebrew/versions/gcc48       homebrew/dupes/apple-gcc42
    homebrew/versions/gcc45       homebrew/versions/gcc49
    homebrew/versions/gcc46       homebrew/versions/gcc5
    $ brew search gcc49

    I experimented with using gcc 5.1 with MacPorts, but didn't like the result, as many dependent libraries didn't come with gcc 5.1 variants, and MacPorts insisted on compiling a lot. 4.9 seems to work quite well for now.

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