suspicious use of reflevel and refinementlevel in CarpetIOHDF5's AddAttributes function

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Issue #1800 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

AddAttributes in CarpetIOHDF5 takes an explicit argument refinementlevel which is used to populate the "level" attribute of HDF5 datasets. However it also directly uses Carpet's global variable `reflevel}} to access some internal Carpet datastructures.

Right now this seems to only be able to cause an issue for grid arrays (not grid functions) that have a coordinate system attached to them (since the code is behind an if statement that depends on the result of Coord_GroupSystem (cctkGH, groupname)). For such an array the pos ivect would be computed use the baseextents appropriate for a grid function (which is wrong) on the current refinement level (which is also wrong since grid arrays currently exits on reflevel 0 only). Output for grid arrays and scalar happens in global mode, which during the time output happens coincides with the finest refinement level.


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