ExternalLibraries/MPI: increase verbosity when 'export VERBOSE=yes' is set

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Issue #1829 closed
Bruno Mundim created an issue

Ticket #1667 touched on this issue a bit, but since I would like to see a solution just for the verbosity level and not a rewriting of how a external library should be reconfigured I think it is worth a ticket on its on.

Currently if I set 'export VERBOSE=yes', the only message output I get from the MPI thorn is:

Running configuration script for thorn MPI:
Found MPI compiler wrapper at /usr/bin/mpic++!
Successfully configured MPI.
Finished running configuration script for thorn MPI.

while for other external library detect bash scripts I have a verbose output as requested:

Running configuration script for thorn HDF5:
+ set -e
+ . /home/bruno/tmp/ET_test/Cactus/lib/make/bash_utils.sh
+ '[' -n '' ']'
++ echo ''
++ tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'
+ '[' '' = BUILD ']'
+ HDF5_C_LIBS='hdf5_hl hdf5'
+ '[' no = yes ']'
+ '[' yes = yes ']'
+ '[' gfortran '!=' none ']'
+ HDF5_FORTRAN_LIBS='hdf5hl_fortran hdf5_fortran'
+ echo 'LIBRARY           $(HDF5_LIBS)'
Additional requested language support:  Fortran
HDF5 selected, but HDF5_DIR not set. Checking pkg-config ...
HDF5 not found. Checking standard paths ...
HDF5 not found.
Using bundled HDF5...

One way of doing something similar in perl is using the module Devel::ebug* and write an utility in the lines of the one presented here:


Would someone be interested in pursuing this path for debugging perl scripts in Cactus and then increasing its verbosity?

Keyword: ExternalLibraries
Keyword: MPI

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