Cannot sync when usernames on source and destination machines are different

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Issue #185 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

I have just tried to use simfactory 2 again, but I am falling at the first hurdle. It seems that syncing has been broken:

macbook:llama ian$ sim2 sync damiana self.LocalMachine=macbook DEBUG: Simfactory command: simfactory2/bin/../lib/ "sync" "damiana" DEBUG: Version 1096M The Simulation Factory: Manage Cactus simulations

defs: /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/simfactory2/etc/defs.ini defs.local: /Users/ian/Cactus/llama/simfactory2/etc/defs.local.ini using machines: ['damiana']

current working directory: /Users/ian/Cactus/llama

Cactus Directory: /Users/ian/Cactus/llama Enabled Options: sync-parfiles: True sync-sourcetree: True

local_sourcebasedir: /Users/ian/Cactus path: llama Configured sourcebasedir "/Users/ianhin/Cactus" does not exist or is not readable


My username on Macbook is "ian" and on Damiana it is "ianhin".

I looked in the source code, and there is a comment on line 104 of

    # There need to be two define databases, one for the local and
    # another for the remote system. Currently, USER is for the
    # remote and SOURCEDIR is for the local system -- this is
    # inconsistent.

So when it expands the sourcebasedir for the local machine, it uses the USER variable for the remote one. I thought that this worked before. A workaround is to not use the USER variable when setting sourcebasedir in your local.defs.ini:

[macbook] user = ian < sourcebasedir = /Users/@USER@/Cactus

sourcebasedir = /Users/ian/Cactus


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  1. Erik Schnetter
    • removed comment

    I've added code to switch the USER entry forth and back between the remote and the local machine, depending on what is expanded. Does it work now?

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