use OPENSSL_DIR variable instead of SSL_DR

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Issue #1859 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

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for simfactory. The ExternalLibrary only looks at OPENSSL_DIR and not SSL_DIR. Currently the simfactory files only contain comments commenting on the fact that SSL_DIR will likely be ignored. Since we know it will be ignored it seems better to use the correct OPENSSL_DIR variable.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    I'd rather see SSL_DIR used instead. SSL is what is provided, and OpenSSL only one possible implementation. We should have OPENSSL_DIR also recognized probably, with lower priority than SSL_DIR.

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    The library is called "OpenSSL". There is no generic "SSL" library, comparable e.g. to a "LAPACK". Alternative libraries have different names, e.g. "mbedTLS", with different APIs.

    We also always use configuration variable names that have the thorn name as prefix.

  3. anonymous
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    Well does this mean "please apply"? In that case would someone (other than me) please set the state to "reviewed"?

  4. Frank Löffler
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    At that moment it didn't mean 'approved', since that was only about the variable name. Now it is. :)

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