Cannot disable optimisation with Intel compiler using OPTIMISE=no

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Issue #187 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

Cactus supports a variable OPTIMISE=yes/no to control whether optimisation is performed during compilation. Setting this variable to "yes" (for example, make sim-config OPTIMISE=yes) adds the flags in C_OPTIMISE_FLAGS to CFLAGS so that optimisation is performed. This is the default. Setting OPTIMISE=no does not add the flags. For gcc, this results in an unoptimised configuration as gcc assumes -O0 as the default. The Intel compiler, however, uses -O2 as the default. Hence, setting OPTIMISE=no has no effect on Intel, and -O2 is still used.

The attached patch adds new configuration options C_NO_OPTIMISE_FLAGS, CXX_NO_OPTIMISE_FLAGS, F77_NO_OPTIMISE_FLAGS and F90_NO_OPTIMISE_FLAGS to complement the *_OPTIMISE_FLAGS options. These are added to the flags when OPTIMISE=no is used, and they default to -O0, which for the commonly used gcc and Intel compilers will lead to an unoptimised configuration. I have also included a patch to the documentation.

I have not included the automatically generated configure script; to avoid confusion the committer should probably generate this.


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