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I'm compiling and have next error:

/home/campc/Cactus/configs/config1/lib/libthorn_ADMConstraints.a(ADMConstraints.F.o): En la funciĆ³n admconstraints_boundaries_': ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x67bd): referencia acctk_equals_' sin definir ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x67f7): referencia a boundary_selectgroupforbc_' sin definir ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x6829): referencia aboundary_selectgroupforbc_' sin definir ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x6887): referencia a boundary_selectgroupforbc_' sin definir ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x68b9): referencia aboundary_selectgroupforbc_' sin definir ADMConstraints.f:(.text+0x6861): referencia a `boundary_selectgroupforbc_' sin definir collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: [/home/campc/Cactus/exe/cactus_config1] Error 1 make: [config1] Error 2

I appreciate your help


Keyword: ADMConstraint

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  1. Roland Haas
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    Removing milestone since ADMConstraints is not part of the ET anymore (the last release it was in was 2014_05), removing critical for the same reason.

    We recommend using McLachlan/ML_ADMConstraints instead of ADMConstraints (the thorn is not actually dependent on McLachlan).

    Addint EinsteinAnalysis/ADMConstraints to a current development checkout of the ET compiles fine for me. The errors that you are seeing would point to some compilation failure in the Cactus flesh, or thorn Boundary or thorn ADMConstraints. Is the the only error that you see or are there other error messages in particular about cctk_equals_? This function is provided by the flesh and is used by many other ET thorns (eg GRHydro comes to mind) so unless there are more errors about this function I would suggest to recompile from scratch:

    make sim-realclean
    simfactory/bin/sim build

    I have seen strange missing symbol errors when the compiler aborts in unusual manners, one way that I could imagine this to happen would be you are using the Intel compiler suite, compile in parallel (make -j) and run out of licenses.

    Would you mind including the full output (from simfactory/bin/sim build 2>&1 | tee make.log), the files config/sim/ThornList and config/sim/config-data please?

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