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I have a .par file "Simple example of Schwarzschild using ADM". I need to simulate schwarzschild of a black hole but get the following error:

Activating thorn Cactus...Success -> active implementation Cactus Activation requested for --->MoL ADMBase ADMAnalysis ADMMacros ADMConstraints ADMCoupling TmunuBase Boundary CartGrid3D CoordBase CoordGauge SymBase StaticConformal IDanalyticBH IOBasic IOUtil IOASCII PUGH PUGHreduce PUGHslab Time LocalReduce SpaceMask MPI hwloc zlib <--- Error: Thorn ADMConstraints not found Activation failed - 1 errors in activation sequence [1mWARNING level 0 from host CAMPC process 0 while executing schedule bin (none), routine (no thorn)::(no routine) in thorn Cactus, file /home/campc/Cactus/src/main/SetParams.c:93: ->[0m CCTKi_SetParameter: Error at line 8 in parameter file /root/simulations/schwarzschildADM/output-0000/schwarzschildADM.par while activating thorns mar may 10 16:45:25 COT 2016 Simfactory Done at date: 0

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  1. Roland Haas
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    ADMConstraints is no longer officially part of the EinsteinToolkit. It is still present in the einsteinanalysis repository however. If you would like to use that version, please add "EinsteinAnalsysis/ADMConstraints" to your ThornList file (Cactus/configs/YOURCONFIGNAME/ThornList then do make YOURCONFIGNAME if using Cactus or the thornlist THORNLISTFILE then do simfactory/bin/sim build sim --reconfig --thornlist THORNLISTFILE if using simfactory).

    You may have to first create a link from arrangements/EinsteinAnalysis/ADMConstraints to repos/einsteinanalysis/ADMConstraints:

    cd arrangements/EinsteinAnalysis
    ln -s ../../repos/einsteinalalysis/ADMConstraints ./

    Alternatively, you can use ML_ADMConstraints (does not require McLachlan despite its name) which is a more modern version of ADMConstraints.

    Your parfile seems to not contain any evolution thorn. If you only require a static metric you can also use ./repos/EinsteinExact/EinsteinExact_Test/test/KerrSchild.par which sets up the metric of a Kerr black hole (spin a = 0.8) in Kerr-Schild coordinates. Setting a to 0 would give you a Schwarzschild black hole.

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