Branch changes in the thornlist are ignored when updating

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Issue #1918 open
Ian Hinder created an issue

When updating an existing GetComponents checkout, if the branch has changed in the thornlist, the old branch is checked out, so the result of running GetComponents --update is to ignore the new branch in the thornlist.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    The code seems to specifically implement that behavior: - It updates all branches that were specified to the 'update' command, plus 'master' (last). The branches that are specified are all branches specified for REPO_BRANCH, delimited by comma. - It then switches back to the branch that the repository was at before the update.

    In this sense, it does an 'update', not a 'switch to another branch'. Now the question is what we want GetComponents to do when given the command to 'update'.

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