GRHydro_InitData -> HydroBase_InitData?

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Issue #1930 new
Zach Etienne created an issue

GRHydro_InitData seems to clash with the modern ET approach of making initial data thorns link only to HydroBase/ADMBase (i.e., being evolution-code agnostic), so that any evolution code may take advantage of the functionality.

With slight modifications (possibly requiring the creation of a simple GRHydro compatibility layer thorn, a la "ID_converter_ILGRMHD"), this thorn could be made useful to all HydroBase-compatible GRMHD codes.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    If you would like to propose changes to remove its tight binding to GRHydro (or separate those out) that would be very useful. The ID-only thorn could be named {{{Hydro_InitData}}} to remove its connection to {{{GRHydro}}}
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