Formaline does not store configs directory properly

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Issue #1948 new
Roland Haas created an issue

Since 8d244fc Formaline does not store the contents of eg configs/sim as configs/sim in the configs-Cactus tarball but as just "sim". This was done in an attempt to support "CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR". However I think it would be better if Formaline continued to store configs/sim as configs/sim if CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR is not set and to store CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR/sim as configs/sim if CACTUS_CONFIGS_DIR is set. This would mean that the Formaline tarballs can in fact be simple uncompressed and compiled to get back the original executable as used to be the case in the past.

Keyword: Formaline

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