TOVSolver's TOV_Populate_Timelevels option does not set alp_p, alp_pp or shift_p, shift_pp

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Issue #1953 new
Roland Haas created an issue

TOVSolver offers an option to initialize past timelevels However this seems broken as it does not initialize past timelevels of the lapse and shift (but does eg of the metric).

The code for this is in tov.c where alp_p does not occur at all.

Most likely the option should be deprecated since Carpet's fill_3_timelevels does the same (and similar does MoL's initial_data_is_crap option).

Keyword: TOVSolver

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  1. Frank Löffler
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    TODO: One would need to check how that plays out with post-initial but pre-otherwise-filling code. E.g., does atmosphere handling get called in that time? I would imagine this not being happy about non-initialized hydro. I did find comments with that regard in old parameter files, but don't have time to investigate now:

    tovsolver::TOV_Populate_Timelevels = 3 # same as hydrobase, this makes GRHydro_InitialAtmosphereReset in Initial happy
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