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anonymous created an issue

Upon downloading a fresh ET, I was reminded once again that there remain some vestiges of the past: the root directory is still named "Cactus".

Although most of the code within the ET currently depends on the Cactus infrastructure, I think we should have a mindset more inclusive to other infrastructures moving forward. There is no "one size fits all" in NR, after all.

To this end, I propose to rename the root directory "EinsteinToolkit".


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  1. Roland Haas
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    For me this has the feeling of going in the wrong direction. Our current thornlist only downloads "Cactus" so the name of the root directory seems correct.

    When we have a second component list that contains more than just "Cactus", for example one for "LORENE" then I would call the root of that second one "LORENE".

    At that point a third "everything" component list that includes both LORENE and Cactus may make sense which could then be called EinsteinToolkit.

    I have to admit though, that this seems like a minor point to me and changing it to EinsteinToolkit is also something I would be happy with.

  2. Frank Löffler
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    I am on the same page as Roland. As the current component list is really a thornlist, and thus, downloads only stuff for Cactus, the name isn't incorrect. We could call it something else, but I think we should have a good reason, as it would change what the default does.

    I would think that with other codes, independent of Cactus, joining the ET (soonish as I hear), we will have other component lists that don't even download the Cactus stuff, but only one of these other components.

    As to an 'overall' components list: I am not sure this would go well with the current GetComponents script and multiple root-dir entries, but the GetComponent script isn't set in stone either. We could allow changing ROOT inside a list, I suppose.

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