use CCTK_BOOLEAN for useSpatialBetaDriver in ML_BSSN

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Issue #1965 new
Roland Haas created an issue

This parameter used to be a string keyword accepting "yes" and "no" and was changed to a CCTK_INT in the ML rewrite. Making it a CCTK_BOOLEAN won't change it's C type (both CCTK_INT and CCTK_BOOLEAN are ints in C++) but will let users use the same parfile with both pre and post-rewrite code (or alternative the same code with pre and post-rewrite parfiles).

If we really cared about the speed we may consider making it a CCTK_REAL so that ifthen(v==1, a,b) could be written as ifthen(v, a,b) thus saving on the comparison operation required and on a int->real conversion.

This would require adding support for Boolean Parameters to Kranc's Param.m which does not seem difficult.

Keyword: ML_BSSN

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