perl >= 5.26 dropping "." from @INC

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Issue #1970 closed
Roland Haas created an issue

New version of perl will no longer include "." from @INC by default. This causes out perl code that uses "require 'lib/sbin/'" to fail.

Since this will affect the release version a patch needs to be backported.

See Note that this is not Debian specific but affects all Perl packages.

I will prepare a patch.

Keyword: backport

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  1. Roland Haas reporter
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    This should still be reviewed, please. Steve's suggestion of setting PERL5PATH is not a long term solution (though a good workaround for affected users).

  2. Frank Löffler
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    I feel Steve should have the 'authority' here, given that he is the Perl expect among us, and we discussed it in person as well. Steve: could you please review the patch?

  3. Frank Löffler
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    Merged into development. Keeping open for a patch for a release.

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