CarpetInterp2 array access out of bounds in llamawavetoy_7patch test on 2 processes

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Issue #1989 open
Ian Hinder created an issue

The test parameter file arrangements/Llama/LlamaWaveToy/test/llamawavetoy_7patch.par fails with an assertion when run on 2 processes, but runs without error on 1 process. Note that this is not necessarily a regression, as the test is new. The error is

WARNING[L1,P0] (CarpetInterp2): Array access out of bounds *this=fasterp_src_loc_t{
Could not determine valid interpolation stencil for point 8359 on map 0, refinement level 0, component 0

The equivalent test with the 6-patch system works on both 1 and 2 processes. The full output, including bbox output, is attached. To reproduce, run

sim create-run llamawavetoy_7patch --parfile arrangements/Llama/LlamaWaveToy/test/llamawavetoy_7patch.par --procs 2 --num-threads 1

Keyword: Llama
Keyword: CarpetInterp2

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