provide bibtext snippets for requested cittations on ET website

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Roland Haas created an issue

Our citing page right now lists the bibtex key and the doi for the requested citations. It would be useful to make the bibtex keys hyperlinks to a bibtex fragment for the paper in question that could be copied and pasted into a user's bibtext file. If we don't want to use the fragment from our own einsteintoolkit.bib we could use INSPIRE's doe search facility using "bibtex" as the output format, eg:

for the Carpet reference.


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  1. Roland Haas reporter

    This was implemented in git hash fc2184d "js: show link to bibtex entry in citation page" of www

    It is not perfect as it links to the INSPIRE database rather than providing the bibtex entry in the ET manifest files but is quite close since the ET manifest files are mostly just using INSPIRE entries.

    It is possible to get exactly the bibtex entry one needs with some javascript (see comments in commit) but my javascrript knowledge is not quite good enough to quickly code that up (mostly b/c I do not need how to best create a closure).

  2. Roland Haas reporter

    I figured out how to do the closures and am not providing the bibtex fragment from the ET bibtex file.

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