@WALLTIME_HOURS@ not being expanded in parameter file

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Issue #2 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

The token @WALLTIME_HOURS@ should be expanded to the walltime of the job in the parameter file. This is used with the TerminationTrigger thorn to dump a checkpoint and terminate cleanly just before the walltime of a job is exceeded. I have looked at the code and I can't immediately see why it's not working - it looks like it should be.


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    This is fixed. WALLTIME_HOURS/all walltime properties were not propagating to the parfile because sim run no longer requires a walltime to be specified. I fixed this by looking to see if a walltime was specified and saved in the restart's properties file, and if it exists, loads the restart and sets all the macros.

    Parfile macro substitution only happens during 'sim run', which is why it wasn't immediately obvious why it wasn't working.

    I typo'd when I committed. WallTime != walltime. Thank you for fixing this, Ian.

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