new thorn for initial data (Hydro_RNS)

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Roberto De Pietri created an issue

The LSU and Parma groups used for publications and contributed to the development of the thorn the generate initial data for Rotating-Neutron-Star RNS based on Nik Stergioulas code ( which constructs models of rapidly rotating, relativistic, compact stars using tabulated equations of state which are supplied by the user or polytqopic EOS. The code was widely used in conjunction with the Whisky code and more recently with GRHydro.

The relevant code can be found here:


I'd like another developer to have a look and give input. Once/If this is deemed ok to be included on technical grounds, we will add the necessary documentation. Test suites and example are already present.

Keyword: parma

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  1. Roland Haas

    Compared to what is in the ET as of git hash dfd2be34 "ReadInterpolate: documnetation fixes" of einsteininitialdata the differences in Hydro_RNS (git hash cef42e5 "Capitalisation Error" of []( ) seem to be that the latter supports a perturbation. Using instead git hash f788d35 "Allign to ET version" of []( they are identical up to some text formatting and GRHydro support.

    This ticket should be closed.

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