piraha assumes that assert(false) always aborts

Issue #2052 open
Roland Haas created an issue

I recently tried compiling Cactus with the Cray compiler on BW and get (among other things) warnings like this:

CC-940 crayc++: WARNING File = src/piraha/Piraha.hpp, Line = 326
  A "return" statement is missing from the end of a non-void function

      bool match(Matcher *m) { assert(false); }//TODO: Fill in

which is indeed a bug. If one defines NDEBUG (as is done for the highly optimized option lists) then assert() is a no-op and the function (if it was called) returned garbage.

I see three solutions:

  1. call CCTK_Abort()
  2. add a "return false;" or so
  3. remove the whole function definition. I think C++ does not mind if declared member functions of a class are not defined, just so long as they are never actually called. This would have the advantage of generating a compile time error as well rather than a run-time error.

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