Tov collapse sim not working

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Mikael Sahrling created an issue

I'm trying to sim the core collapse example and I wonder if I have the right core collapse thorn?

It runs for a while with central density increasing some 5% and then con2prim fails with NaN etc.

Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks Mikael Sahrling


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Can you give more details? e.g.: * Are you following a tutorial/instructions? Can you point to which one? * parameter file * version of the code (e.g. a particular release, or current development version) * submit command


  2. Roland Haas
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    If you are following the tov collapse parfile from the GRHydro paper, then yes this one is very tricky to make work and "something changed" at one point and I myself cannot exactly reproduce what is in the paper anymore :-( (and I was the person who ran the TOV collapse for the paper).

    In general the collapse seems very tricky. As Ian said, any extra information that you can provide would be very useful, eg screen output, plot of max rho etc.

  3. Mikael Sahrling reporter
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    Thanks, see attached output file. I think it's an interesting sim and it would be cool if one can get it to work. I tried to call regrid2 earlier in the collapse and regrid failed ... . Something's off. Any guidance on where to look would be helpful.

    Thanks, Mikael

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