Test system ignores exit code of Cactus

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Issue #2113 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

When a test is running, and Cactus fails with a nonzero exit code, the test system populates a data structure to indicate that the test has failed:

RunTestUtils.pl:1618, RunTest():
    $testdata->{"$thorn FAILED"} .= "$parfile ";

but the test is later regarded as successful. Probably the function CompareTestFiles ignores the fail code set by RunTest. In the case where the test has data file to compare with, this usually is exhibited as a failure, as the new files will probably not be created. But in the case where there are no data files to compare with, the system doesn't expect to find any, and the test succeeds. CompareTestFiles probably needs to be modified to take into account the failed run, or maybe it should never be called in the first place.

The test Carpet/Carpet/test/64k2.par currently shows this problem; it reports that it is unable to allocate 12 GB of RAM, and exits like this:


  Test Carpet: 64k2 

  Issuing rm -f output-0000-active && ln -s . output-0000-active && mkdir -p SIMFACTORY && TESTSUITE_PARFILE=/home/jenkins/workspace/simulations/EinsteinToolkit_f297f2e499015361358e5acfe294e024673292e3_1/output-0000/arrangements/Carpet/Carpet/test/64k2.par /home/jenkins/workspace/EinsteinToolkit/../simulations/EinsteinToolkit_f297f2e499015361358e5acfe294e024673292e3_1/output-0000/SIMFACTORY/RunScript
Cactus exited with error code 134
Please check the logfile /home/jenkins/workspace/simulations/EinsteinToolkit_f297f2e499015361358e5acfe294e024673292e3_1/output-0000/TEST/sim/Carpet/64k2.log

  No files created in test directory

  Success: 0 files identical


The test is then considered as successful in the final output.


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