simfactory should have a reviewed_not_ok state

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Issue #2121 wontfix
Roland Haas created an issue

Currently a successful ticket (more or less) goes through these stages:

  • open
  • accepted
  • review
  • reviewed_ok
  • fixed

yet if the review is not positive then one can only reset it to accepted or open which does not make it easy to look for ticket that were reviewed but whose resolution was found wanting.

It would be good to have an explicit state for a ticket whose proposed solution is rejected. Those tickets would then eventually be closed with wontfix or similar codes.

This cannot be done through the web-interface since one needs to modify trac's ini files. See for how this needs to be done.

Keyword: trac

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  1. Roland Haas reporter
    • edited description
    • changed status to wontfix

    Bitbucket does not support customizing the set of states so this can longer be done.

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