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Roland Haas created an issue

The CAPTCHAs on seem completely broken. If I try to create a new ticket and am not logged in I am first presented by a screen with a red box and a google "I am human" clickbox, yet clicking on the box does give another page with only the red box and nothing else.

Note that this happens after I have gone through all the work of entering text for my ticket etc and that text may be lost (depends on the browser I guess).

So this should be fixed a soon as ever possible, at least if this is not just something that affects only my browser.

First page shown:


Second page shown:


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  1. Roland Haas reporter
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    This may be one more reason to do so.

    I am not sure if the email conversation between you, I, Erik and Ian was conclusive. It also dealt with more than just moving the ticket system. If we do move we'd have to transfer the tickets which may take week or so to figure out even if someone actually has time to do so (I know I will not have time before July). I don't know how hard it would be to turn off all captchas and see how soon we are swamped by spam.

    My current impression based on the email thread is:

    • Erik: would move though may want to move/merge the repos as well
    • Roland: would be ok to move but is against merging repos
    • Ian: would not want to move and is against merging repos
    • Steve: rather move than upgrade trac

    Erik, Ian, Steve, please update/edit where I misrepresent you.

  2. anonymous
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    The empty pink boxes still appear, but the "I am not a robot" button now works.

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