add Windows 10 + Ubuntu Linux subsystem to list of systems supported for new user tutorial

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Issue #2163 resolved
Roland Haas created an issue

With the Linux subsystem Windows behaves like Linux and one can add instructions along this lines:

For Windows 10 please install the Ubuntu Linux subsystem, then follow the
instructions for a Ubuntu system. <a
are Microsoft's official instructions on how to do so, 
<a href="">these</a>
are less official but slightly easier to read instructions to do the same. You
may also want to install native ssh client like
<a href="">Putty</a> and an
X11 server like <a href="">VcXsrv</a>,
<a href="">XMing</a> or an all-in-one
solution for X11 server and ssh client like
<a href="">MobaXterm</a>.

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